Practical and Financial Resources

Practical issues can sometimes complicate your ability to receive medical care. Concerns such as transportation to your appointments, assistance applying for disability insurance, and questions about your legal rights might be factors in your care. At City of Hope, you're never alone in sorting through them.  Here are resources that can help you.

Patient Resources Coordinator
Our Patient Resources Coordinator focuses on providing patients and families with practical resources such as financial assistance, transportation to your appointments, healthcare referrals, support groups, childcare, and more, so that you can focus on getting treatment.
Contact our Patient Resources Coordinators at 626-218-2273 (CARE) or email [email protected].
Clinical Social Workers
Clinical Social Workers help you and your family with practical and emotional concerns. They are able to provide financial benefit guidance including assistance with state and social security disability, and paid family leave benefits. They can also provide assistance with completing forms such as Advance Directives, applications for disability and DMV disability.
Our clinical social work team may be reached at 626-256-2282.