Key Aspects of Health Equities Research at City of Hope include:
  • Population-based gene x environment studies
  • Race and genetic ancestry and disease
  • Equitable benefits of Precision Medicine
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Pilot Funds to support new and mid-level investigators in cancer disparities research

research projects (by pi)

Rick Kittles, Ph.D.         Lindsey Treviño, Ph.D. Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D.
Stanley Hooker, Ph.D.         Christopher Sistrunk, Ph.D. Loretta Erhunmwunsee, M.D.
Veronica Jones, M.D.            

2018-2019 Health Equities pilot Grant Awardees

Health Equities Grants are pilot project awards supporting innovative health equity research. 2018-2019 grant awardees included the following researchers and clinicians:
  1. Loretta Erhunmwunsee, M.D., and Stacy Gray, M.D.
    Examining the Role of Social Determinants of Health and Biological   Phenotypes in   Lung Cancer Disparities
  2. Sunita K. Patel, Ph.D., and Timothy Synold, Ph.D.
    A Pilot Study on the Effects of Family Life Stress and the BDNF Val66Met   Polymorphism on Neurocognitive and Quality of Life Outcomes in Latino Children   with Cancer
  3. Jacob Berlin, Ph.D., Adam Bailis, Ph.D., and Yuan Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.
    Next Generation Drug Discovery to Treat BRCA-Deficient Triple Negative Breast   Cancer – A Disease Disproportionately Affecting African American And   Hispanic   Women
  4. Susan L. Neuhausen, Ph.D.
    Characterizing Tumor Expression Profiles of Latinas Diagnosed with Breast Cancer