Cancer Control and Population Sciences News


Celebrating our extraordinary nurses during National Nurses Month

National Nurses Month serves as a time to give thanks for the groundbreaking innovations and compassionate care provided by the nurses at City of Hope. 

Combining three powerful tools in effort to detect cancer early

City of Hope is conducting a new study using genetic risk assessment, liquid biopsy and whole-body magnetic resonance imaging to screen for cancer in high-risk individuals. The research will also assess anxiety levels before and after the screening protocol.


Extending access to the best cancer care to all

Ethnicity matters when it comes to cancer. Research shows it is a major factor determining risk both of developing disease and of dying from it. Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, City of Hope is creating a game-changing model of health care delivery for all populations.


White button mushrooms could be a powerful tool against breast cancer

With funding provided by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, City of Hope’s Lisa Yee, M.D., is discovering new prevention strategies for the disease. White button mushrooms have previously shown efficacy in prostate cancer research.


City of Hope to present late-breaking clinical trial data at AACR

Researchers at City of Hope will present late-breaking clinical trial findings at this year’s American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, which begins April 8. These additional presentations showcase a pilot program in tobacco use cessation and new developments in cell therapy.


Our planet, our health: Environment’s effect on cancer, diabetes

To commemorate World Health Day, we are proud to highlight several City of Hope initiatives exploring how the world around us affects our well-being.


City of Hope initiative brings vital genetic screening to Mexico

A unique program created and put into place by a multidisciplinary “dream team” at City of Hope introduces life-changing and lifesaving genetic screening and counseling services — with an emphasis on breast cancer — to a population that desperately needs it.


New study aims to identify lung cancer risk in nonsmokers

Lung cancer in nonsmokers is a significant public health problem, but the risk factors for this group are not well understood. Stacy W. Gray, M.D., chief of City of Hope’s Division of Clinical Cancer Genomics, and colleague Dan J. Raz, M.D., co-director of the Lung Cancer and Thoracic Oncology Program, seek to uncover the causes.


World Cancer Day: How City of Hope is closing the cancer care gap

This year’s World Cancer Day motto, “Close the Care Gap,” is a theme near and dear to City of Hope. The institution is committed to eliminating socioeconomic and geographic barriers so that the right care gets to the right patient at the right time and at the right location.


Common diabetes drug may prevent breast cancer in those at risk

City of Hope is leading a nationwide clinical trial to see if metformin can reverse precancerous conditions in women at high risk for breast cancer, undoing early tissue damage and inflammation that often develop into cancer later on.


New clinical trial focuses on multiple myeloma precursor in Blacks

A City of Hope clinical trial explores the use of at the rheumatoid arthritis drug leflunomide to treat smoldering multiple myeloma. SMM patients display no symptoms, but are at much higher risk of developing full-blown multiple myeloma, a disease that is twice as common among African Americans.


A Crusader for More Genetic Testing

Stacy Gray, M.D., the new director of City of Hope's Center for Clinical Cancer Genomics, is on a mission to screen more patients and their families for genetic mutations and anomalies in order to find targeted therapies for tumors, or even prevent cancer in the first place.


5 oncology breakthroughs to be excited about in 2022

Enormous additions to our knowledge of human biology have opened the door to a potential “golden age” of cancer treatment. Here, we highlight five innovations that promise to dramatically shift the paradigm of oncology in the coming years, from targeted immunotherapies to the latest in radiation technology.


$3M SPORE grant will fund study of lung cancer in blacks

Two other cancer centers will also share in the approximately $3 million award; City of Hope’s focus will be on innovative new research on lung cancer disparities.


Why Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Essential to Science, Health Outcomes

City of Hope scientists seek to eliminate health inequities and increase participation in clinical studies by diverse populations.


In Concert For Cancer Announces 10th Anniversary Concert Event Will Benefit City of Hope

Half of the proceeds from the In Concert for Cancer 10th Anniversary Music Celebration will benefit the Department of Supportive Care Medicine at City of Hope.


Meet 2021 Walk for Hope Ambassador Gayle Whittemore

After undergoing treatment for Stage 2 breast cancer, Whittemore, along with her wife, Alexandra Glickman, had the idea to start a program at City of Hope called Couples Coping With Cancer. It is now offered to all patients and their families.


Older adults who receive additional supportive care services experience fewer side effects from chemotherapy, City of Hope study finds

The first-of-its-kind clinical trial suggests that implementing geriatric assessment-driven interventions could reduce significant chemotherapy-related toxicity for older adults while maintaining their ability to survive cancer.


Female leaders blazing trails at City of Hope

On this Women’s Equality Day, City of Hope celebrates its female leaders in science and medicine, including a pioneer in immunotherapy, a biophysicist who tackles cancer using math and an oncology nurse who has revolutionized end-of-life care