The Judy and Bernard Briskin Imaging Center

As a survivor of multiple myeloma, I realize how important it is to support world-class facilities that deliver the most advanced treatment and care to patients." Bernard Briskin

Located on the first floor of City of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital, the Judy and Bernard Briskin Imaging Center is an ultramodern digital facility that uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat all types of cancers.

The center features the most advanced equipment available to perform non-surgical procedures, including image-guided procedures and the technology to infuse drugs and other agents directly into tumors. Each year, more than 32,600 imaging procedures are performed in the center.

Latest technologies

Procedures provided at the center include the latest technologies related to CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and PET (positron emission tomography) scanning, along with leading-edge radiologic techniques such as:

  • Gamma camera diagnostics: Imaging techniques — using radioactive tracing technology to illuminate important areas of the body — used to carry out functional scans of internal organs
  • 3-D oncologic imaging: Generates three-dimensional images of organs such as the brain, liver, heart and pancreas to find in-depth, hidden imaging information required for making clinical decisions
  • Interventional radiology: Advanced image-guided techniques that form the basis of minimally invasive procedures and surgeries for both benign and malignant conditions, including diseases of the blood vessels and many different types of cancers