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Donor Bill of Rights

The Donor of Bill of Rights is a guiding principle adopted by nonprofit organizations performing at the highest levels in their commitments to transparency and service to donors. City of Hope, through the practices and operations of the Office of Philanthropy, endorses and adopts all tenants of the Donor Bill of Rights in practice and philosophy.




Joe Komsky
Senior Executive Director, CFRE
Phone: 626-218-6291
Email: [email protected]

Joe Komsky has a passion for working in health care and, in particular, the opportunity to help people overcome the turmoil of cancer and enjoy longer lives. Joe gathers philanthropic support for City of Hope’s doctors and scientists seeking to defeat colorectal, stomach, esophageal, liver and pancreatic cancers, as well as the radiation oncology and diagnostic radiology teams.


Erika Bernal
Senior Director
[email protected]

Erika Bernal shares the team's dedication to making a measurable difference in the lives of the many patients fighting cancer, including personal friends and family members. She adds her own passion for making life with and after cancer as positive as possible, which is why she is honored to serve as a partner with the Women's Cancers Program to engage philanthropic support for innovative research, supportive care, and the Positive Image Center.


Julie Hara
Senior Director, JD
Phone: 626-218-0869
Email: [email protected]

Julie Hara has watched family members and a good friend battle cancer. These experiences, along with a desire to make a difference, led Julie to City of Hope to help raise funds to treat and cure cancer. Julie works with philanthropists to support City of Hope’s research and treatment for skin cancer, head and neck cancers, pediatric cancers and brain tumors. Julie also gathers philanthropic support for the Department of Supportive Care Medicine.


Brian Rosenberg
Senior Director
[email protected]

One of Brian Rosenberg’s earliest memories is of his grandmother coming home from an extended hospital stay, and all the grown-ups whispering this word “cancer”… Ultimately Brian lost all four of his grandparents to cancer, as well as several other family members. Three close friends are survivors, and he witnessed their hard-fought battles. His motivation to serve City of Hope’s mission is clear: it’s for all of them. Brian helps philanthropists who wish to support research into, treatment of, and ultimately the development of a cure for brain tumors, head and neck cancers, and prostate cancer.


Amy Cook, Ph.D.
Phone: 626-218-6228
Email: [email protected]

After her brother was diagnosed with childhood cancer, Amy found her passion at a young age; advancing research and treatment of cancer. She received her Ph.D. from City of Hope in hematology and hopes that her unique perspective on scientific research will help others understand how our cutting-edge research accelerates City of Hope’s mission. Amy’s goal is to enhance meaningful philanthropy in support of the Toni Stephenson Lymphoma Center.


Nicole Randle
Assistant Director
[email protected]

At a young age, Nicole Randle learned how the lack of access to health-care contributed to her great-grandmother and another family member losing their lives to cervical cancer.  Knowing this, contributes to Nicole’s passion and desire to make a difference at City of Hope.  Nicole partners with pediatrics, sarcomas, and nursing, to gather philanthropic support.  She also works with Circle 1500 – a giving circle that supports the Women’s Cancers Program.

Major Gifts - Kim Wah Kim Wah

Kimberly Wah
Patient Liaison Special Services Director
Phone: 626-218-6305
Email: [email protected]

For Kimberly Wah, watching her grandmother battle cancer drove home how much more can be done to help older adults who face the disease. Kimberly always wanted to work in the health field and found serving patients as a way to contribute. As a patient navigator, Kimberly strives to build relationships, improve coordination of patient care and support patients as they are making their way through City of Hope.

Clare Williams
Chief Liaison, Patient Special Services
Phone: 626-241-7133
Email: [email protected]

Clare Williams’ mission is personal. Since losing her father to lymphoma in 2010, she has been able to see how far treatment and research has come, and how much further we still need to go. As chief liaison for patient special services, she is available to patients and families who come to City of Hope, helping them make seamless transitions through the journey of their own treatment.

Jackie Ferron
Senior Coordinator
Phone: 626-218-6333
Email: [email protected]

About 20 years ago, Jackie Ferron lost a close family member to cancer and it changed her life. That tragedy motivates her to help make happier endings for other families through her work at City of Hope. Jackie provides primary support for Joe Komsky, Julie Hara and Brian Rosenberg.


Cheryl Sannes
[email protected]

Just a few short years ago, Cheryl lost a close family member here at City of Hope, preceded by another loved ones passing a few years before then. City of Hope has held a special place in her heart since seeing first-hand the wonderful care given to her family members here. Her losses drove her seek work in Philanthropy so in some small way she can contribute to the mission of City of Hope.  Cheryl provides primary support to Erika Bernal, Amy Cook and Nicole Randle.