About Beckman Research Institute


Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope was the first of five Beckman Institutes to be founded, and has held a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant for over 30 years.


Encompassing over 60 years of expertise in basic science, Beckman Research Institute also houses research done at City of Hope prior to the establishment of the institute by Arnold and Mabel Beckman in 1983.

Its world-renowned faculty and investigators are revolutionizing the treatment of life-threatening diseases, creating miracles of medical science.

Research areas include diabetes progression and treatment, immunology and imaging, interfering RNAs and HIV treatment, total synthesis of complex and therapeutic natural products, mechanisms of drug action, neurogenesis, stem cell therapy, DNA repair and radiation, and the immunobiology of viral infection.

Investigating the biology, biological chemistry, and pathology of cancer and diabetes, our researchers have also explored the emerging links between the diseases. By identifying opportunities at the cellular and molecular level, they continue developing breakthrough approaches for predicting, preventing, diagnosing, treating and curing these and other serious diseases.

Through constant collaboration and interaction between Beckman Research Institute programs, and those found within City of Hope's NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, our researchers and clinicians are maximizing the benefits our research is able to deliver.