Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council was established in 2008 for the purpose of advancing patient-and family-centered care. The council is made up of 25 dedicated members who represent a diverse group of patients, families and staff. We are united around the single purpose of improving the patient and family experience. 
The advisory’s mission is to make recommendations based on our knowledge and personal experiences to elevate the medical care and support services for patients and family members at City of Hope.
The Patient and Family Advisory Council partners with City of Hope to enhance care and services for all City of Hope patients and their families. The following projects are just a few examples of ways that the council has made a difference:
  • Reducing registration wait times
  • Improving the chemotherapy experience, from healthy snacks to a chemotherapy class
  • Creating clear way-finding maps for patients and families
  • Developing a wide range of patient and family education programs
  • Expanding patient parking
  • Collaborating on the development of the MyCityofHope patient portal
Your personal experience at City of Hope gives you a unique perspective. You have direct knowledge of how City of Hope has worked for you and definite ideas on how we can improve. The Patient and Family Advisory Council gives you a unique opportunity to make a positive difference. As a patient and family leader, your role as a member is to develop and enhance programs, services, process, policies and facilities in order to achieve the highest possible level of patient and family satisfaction, quality of care and patient safety.
There’s a wonderful way to give back to City of Hope: become a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council. It is a rich and rewarding experience that will give you an opportunity to enhance programs and services at City of Hope. As a patient leader, you will be collaborating with City of Hope physicians and staff to enhance the experience of patients and their families. Most importantly, you’ll be able to give back in a way that is both fulfilling and meaningful.
Becky Andrews, BSM
Council Coordinator 
Annette Mercurio, MPH, MCHES
Council Co-Chair
From massage to meditation, integrative medicine — which uses evidence-based, complementary practices in combination with conventional medicine — can help cancer patients and survivors regain health and build a lifestyle focused on wellness.